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A Polish driver’s license is a document that authorizes the holder to drive certain categories of vehicles in Poland.expand_more It is issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration and is valid for 15 years for most categories (5 years for professional drivers).expand_more

There are several different categories of Polish driver’s licenses, each of which allows the holder to drive a different type of vehicle.expand_more The most common categories are:

  • Category A: Motorcyclesexpand_more
  • Category B: Passenger cars and small trucks with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of up to 3.5 tonsexpand_more
  • Category C: Trucks with a GVW exceeding 3.5 tonsexpand_more
  • Category D: Buses
  • Category T: Agricultural tractorsexclamation

There are also a number of subcategories, such as:

  • Category A1: Mopeds and light motorcycles with an engine capacity of up to 50cc
  • Category A2: Motorcycles with an engine capacity of up to 35kW
  • Category B1: Quadricycles
  • Category BE: Cars with trailers exceeding 3.5 tons

To obtain a Polish driver’s license, you must pass a theory test and a practical driving test.expand_more The theory test covers the rules of the road, traffic signs, and safe driving practices. The practical driving test assesses your ability to control the vehicle safely in different traffic conditions.

If you hold a driver’s license from another EU country, you may be able to exchange it for a Polish driver’s license without having to take the tests again.expand_more However, this will depend on the category of your existing license and the country that issued it.

How do I get a Polish driving licence?

Obtaining a Polish driver’s license involves several steps, and the process can differ depending on whether you already hold a valid driver’s license from another country or not. At Documents Home , you can get a polish Drivers license without any exams. Just contact us here to request a quote

How long is a Polish driving license valid for?

Contact us for more information at Document Home, it take maximum 5 to 7 working days, depending on the client needs

How much does a driving license cost in Poland?

The cost of Polish Driving license depends on the Category you need, for more information, contact us for more

Can foreigners drive in Poland?

Whether foreigners can drive in Poland depends on several factors, including:

Your nationality:

  • EU/EEA countries and countries with bilateral agreements: Citizens of these countries can drive in Poland with their valid national driving license.
  • Other countries: Citizens of other countries need to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) along with their valid national driving license.

Length of stay:

  • Less than 6 months: You can drive with your IDP and valid national driving license.

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