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You know what driving in the Czech Republic looks like but you still don’t have your Czech Republic driver’s license? Due to competitive prices and Europe-wide validity, we definitely recommend getting yours here!

You can get a Czech republic driver’s licence by showing yours at the driving licence office (Na Pankráci 1685/17, 140 00 Prague 4), being aware that requirements change depending on where the driving licence was issued. how to get a driving license online

If you’re an EU-citizen (or Norwegian, Swiss, Icelander, Liechtensteiner), you have to change your driving licence for a Czech driving one if you’re planning to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 6 months (185 days). To prove it, you can provide a lease agreement or work contract.

If your driving license was issued by a non-EU state, there are 2 possible cases:

1. Your driving license meets the requirements of the Convention of Road Traffic from the Vienna Convention (1968) – if the country which issued your driving license is on the list of contracting countries (like the Czech Republic) it means that your driving license is a pink plastic card (54 x 86 mm) or paper document.

The front side of it should state “Driving license” in the national language of the country issuing it.

The information has to be included in the following order: buy fake driving license online



date and place of birth

date of issuance

date of expiration

name or stamp of the authority issuing

licence number

your photo

your signature

groups of vehicles for which the licence applies

additional information or limitations for each vehicle group.

All this information must be written in the Latin alphabet.

→ If you have a residence permit for more than 1 year in Czechia, you have to replace your driving license with a Czech Republic Driver’s License within 3 months from the day the residence permit was issued.

→ If you have a temporary, long term or permanent residence with validity over 1 year, you just need to present your driving license at the Drivers Agenda Office of the Municipality.

In both cases, you will need to prove that you live here.

2. Your driving license doesn’t comply with the requirements above (i.e. your driving license wasn’t issued in one of the countries who signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic) then, in this case, you have to attend a driving school in the Czech Republic. After passing the exam in a driving school, you can apply for the Czech Republic Driver’s License card. Once more, you have to live here for more than 6 months and prove it. For that, you may need some help, and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.

First, you will need to fill in this online application if you’re based in Prague or this one if you’re based in Brno.

After that, we will arrange a meeting in our office and you will pay the advance deposit of 1 500 CZK (Prague) or 1 210 CZK (Brno) which is included in the total price. If you apply through our agency, you’re already getting a discount. After this payment, you will receive all the information about the driving school we work with.

Prices and details for Prague:

Foreigners cooperate with a driving school located in Prague 4 that provides lessons in English.

The driving course required to get a car license takes place in a 3-month period and costs 14 700 CZK.

Lessons for the motorcycle license require the same amount of time and cost 18 500 CZK.

When applying for both, the overall price is 26 700 CZK.

These prices include 3 months driving lessons, the final exam (700 CZK) and a court interpreter helping during the final exam (1 500 CZK).

Keep in mind that – before attending the classes – you will have to pass a mandatory medical confirmation which costs around 500 CZK.

Furthermore, Foreigners offers useful extra options such as:

The VIP course for 5 000 CZK more. This service includes training according to your wishes and needs. You can choose yourself the time and place where the training will start and finish.
2-month course for a car instead of 3 if you are in a rush for 1 000 CZK more.
Driving courses with an automatic transmission car for 1 500 CZK extra.
*note – check out the current pricing on

Prices and details for Brno:

Foreigners cooperate with a driving school in Brno-Židenice too. The school provides lessons in English.

The driving course for the car licence takes place in a 3-month period and costs 12 910 CZK.

The driving course for the motorcycle licence requires the same amount of time and cost 9 910 CZK.

These prices include 3 months driving lessons (28 lessons – 45 minutes each), the final exam and a court interpreter helping during the final exam (prices as above).

There is an additional payment of 300-400 CZK for the doctor’s health condition confirmation.

Don’t hesitate to apply on our website!


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